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ESOP Design

For over 20 years SCS Administration has followed the policy of meeting with a company's key officers to determine the best design for the company's ESOP. Upon determining a company's objectives, each ESOP is carefully customized to enable the employer and its employees to benefit to the fullest extent possible.

ESOP Installation

ESOP DesignsAfter a plan and trust document has been completed and authorized by a company's Board of Directors, the ESOP plan and trust is filed with the Internal Revenue Service for approval in the form of a "favorable letter of determination".

Because we have been in the business of customizing plans for many years, we are well aware of the flexibility in ESOP law and design to enable your company to be more profitable, and how to build employee work incentive through employee ownership.

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Types of ESOPs

Seller Financing Sale Technique 

Using an ESOP To Acquire a Company

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