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ESOP Feasibility Study

SCS offers a Feasibility Study to explore and highlight the most advantageous ESOP design (or designs) to meet a Company's objectives. The Feasibility Study also determines the financing that would be possible for a Company seeking an ESOP loan. The study includes:

ESOP Feasibility Study
  • The Preliminary Value of the Company
    under IRS Revenue Rulings.

  • The amount of stock a shareholder can sell.

  • The effect on the Company's Net Worth and
    cash flow with different tax deductible

  • Approximate amount needed to fund the
    emerging Repurchase Liability.

  • Different design for bank financing
    and "seller financing".

These features and much more are discussed in the study that will detail the effect of implementing and maintaining an ESOP.

If you would be interested in a Feasibility Study for your company, or would like to discuss how the ESOP can work for you, please call us at 858-272-8973 or e-mail us at

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