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ESOP Financing

SCS offers a Feasibility Study to determine the financing that would be possible for a Company seeking an ESOP loan. The Feasibility Study also explores the most advantageous ESOP design to meet a Company's objectives and a Preliminary Valuation of the Company.

Feasibility Studies for ESOP financing

ESOP financing

The Feasability Study not only shows the optimum designs for an initial ESOP transaction, it also allows the company to foresee the long term effects of the ESOP. It provides a "road map" of how to manage the ESOP for many future years so the ESOP enhances the success of the company and its employees.

If requested, the Feasibility Study is presented to numerous lenders (banks) within the district of the Company. After a bank shows interest in lending for the ESOP loan, a meeting is arranged with a Company's senior management, the bank's loan officer, and SCS to discuss terms and the mechanics of the transaction.

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